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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 15, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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find out. he took on trump and slipped in the polls so what is rand paul's strategy tomorrow? is he ready to roll the dice and shut down the government again in the middle of an election? i will ask the senator when he joins me live. also in politics, da bears, they have their superfans and so do the candidates. from wearing nothing but donald trump to the guy with the jeb tattoo. will he regret that the way i regret my margaret thatcher ink? welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman, live in simi valley, california, from the ronald reagan presidential library where we are hours away from the cnn republican debate. the seating chart around the debate stage is mapped out. there will be tough questions, vealing answers and expect sparks will fly. has been election of outsiders so far, but now will those
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outsiders try outlast other outsiders? will the insiders, candidates chalked up as establishment, try to get the inside track among those rivals? or will everyone single out the man in the middle of the stage and gang up on donald trump? now, i know what you're thinking as you're watching "the lead" right now, you're not jake tapper. that's right. because he is. i want to get to the man right now who is moderating the cnn debate right here in simi valley. cnn's chief washington correspondent, ankh or of "the lead" "state of the union," shut behind closed doors preparing for this occasion. jake, first question tomorrow? >> first, let me apologize to staff and viewers for being so absent. i promise to return thursday, ready for action back to "the lead." we've been involved in intense debate prep questions.
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making sure everybody gets a fair amount of questions and we prompt debate. it's not a series of 11 interview questions, or 15 as the case may be if you include undercard debate. that it's not a forum where they all can extrapolate and give talking point we want debate about policy, politics, leadership, different things they bring, different things they have said about each other. we have been very, very hard at work, me and team, who are incredible. >> you've asked four questions from everyone on twitter. you have a sense of what most people want to hear? >> no, because we've actually heard from literally tens of thousands of people and there are questions varied as one from a very passionate woman who feels strongly the candidates should be doing more to make sure that people at football games when they get evacuation notice on their cell phones should not believe it and she's against the potential stampeding that could happen. this is a woman who is active on that. then questions about nato. questions about abortion. questions about government shutdowns, jobs.
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i mean, everything. the sky's the limit. we're not going to be able to get through all of the questions but try to have as many as possible on a varied amount of topics. >> you've heard from candidates, chris christie, benghazi, scott walker, they're not going to sit around and wait like they did last time. they're going to make sure that their voice is heard. but that's not all allowed here, necessarily, is it? where's the line? >> well, i mean we have questions and we have order. i mean we're not -- this is a debate, we do want people to bring some sort of spontaneity to it. if they want to weigh in on a topic and i haven't called on them, you know, we'll see what happens. but generally speaking, we do have an order. everybody's going to be called on in every block, that's the hope, in any case. and we're going to have as much engagement as possible. now, i will say that the candidates who want to take the debate and use it as an opportunity to pivot and recite their seven talking points i
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think will, as they did in the last debate, kind of vanish. the ones who engage in debate and have exchanges with not with me but with their fellow candidates who i will be asking them to address, i think those will be the ones that voters hear because it will be, a, authentic, something that people are listening for, and, b, debate, was also something people want. >> jake tapper, you're tough booking here on "the lead." thanks for being with us. i know you're going to kill tomorrow. >> thank you for taking care of my baby and wonderful viewers. appreciate it. our cup runneth over with anticipation for candidates to stride on to the big stage in simi valley. seriously, look how cool this debate stage is. in the 48 hours leading up to the debate, donald trump has been doing his best to find bigger stages. last night trump played to 18,000 people packed inside a dallas arena and drove home this message, that the u.s. is a dumping ground, he says, for the rest of the world, and their
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tired and poor that they don't want. today, all hands are on deck for a speech by trump aboard the "uss iowa," a battle ship with actual cannons as opposed to verbal ones by trump. as trump locks and loads for tomorrow night, his lead in the polls might be getting smaller. >> reporter: the stage is built but the tension still building. the cnn debate just hours away and front-runner donald trump literally and figuratively in the middle of it all. >> the polls come out and we're really killing it. we are killing it. >> reporter: tonight a new poll from cbs news and the "new york times" shows ben carson closer than ever with jeb bush drifting further and further back. carson was polling at 6% one month ago. while bush dropped seven points since august. so far, though, nothing and no one has managed to push trump from his perch. >> what's donald trump say about
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the decision? >> reporter: when the going gets tough, the tough go negative. for the first time an outside group, the conservative club for growth, opened its wallet. >> trump, the worst kind of politician. >> reporter: announcing they will spend more than $1 million on two ads in iowa bashing trump for what they call his liberal economic ideas. >> he has a record, and it's very liberal. he's really just playing us for chumps. >> reporter: not to be outanti-trumped, governor bobby jindal pulling in less than 1% released a new video, too, attacking how trump shaps his foreign policy views. >> in all fairness, you know, what do i know? >> reporter: trump knows attacks are coming but doesn't sound too concerned. >> so, the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever, whatever! >> reporter: despite recent dust-ups with carson and fiorina, not to mention bush, walker, paul, poe ta poe tack i
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trump is willing to play mr. nice guy, mr. nice guyish. >> many of these are terrific people but nobody's going to be able to do the job that i'm going to do nobody. >> reporter: jeb bush supporters beg to differ. a super pac backing bush is finally unleashing its vast war chest, spending $24 million on ads in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. >> new charter schools. >> reporter: -- to highlight achievements as governor of florida. >> proven conservative. real results. jeb. >> reporter: hoping something, if not spending, will make people listen. >> while republicans prepare for battle here, hillary clinton is coping with slippage. a new poll out today shows bernie sanders now seven point up on hillary clinton in new hampshire. there's a key caveat here. among likely primary voters. it includes some independents when you narrow the sample to just democrats, likely to vote
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in february, clinton holds a slim edge, 43-39. cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar in washington with us. you know, you still don't hear bernie sanders' name coming from clinton's mouth on the campaign trail. but might we be hearing from the super pac supporting her soon? >> it appears that we have, john. although it seems inadvertent. hillary clinton, you really noticed this on the trail, she hasn't thrown an elbow at bernie sanders who is challenging her in the polls. she prefers to take on republicans more than democratic opponents but she has a number of super pacs that are supporting her, big super pacs, one of them called correct the record, provided some opposition research oppo, as it's called in political circles about bernie sanders to "the huffington post" and paints sanders as extreme. it links him to the new british labor leader jeremy corbin a socialist, "the huffington post" reports it notes sanders' support for a deal with
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venezuela and hugo chavez to provide heating oil to low income new englanders serve years ago. the pac didn't expect this to become public and link that to them. they'll try to operate behind the scenes but this did come back to bite them. hillary clinton not taking saners on directly admits she's a moderate. understanding which is unsaid, that sanders is not. now bernie sanders fund-raising off of all of this saying it's what he'd expect from the koch brothers, not hillary clinton. >> so, clinton herself seems squarely focused on a potential opponents across the aisle including donald trump. >> yeah, that's right. and this may be as she sort of operates in this general election sphere, she's also seeing in the polls she's lost her edge in these hypothetical, head-to-head matchups with republicans, not just donald trump but jeb bush and ben carson. and you see her taking on the
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republican front-runner, she did it in iowa with a little bit of an impersonation. here was her shot at that. >> i have to admit, donald trump is entertaining, i have to tell you. i really do. i really do find it entertaining. you know, i -- i kind of wuv i had that same sort of mentality like, oh, listen, i don't need to tell you anything, when i get there peace will be breaking out every where, prosperity will be reigning down you, we will have the new age. >> donald trump united states a device for hillary clinton to really get democratic voters excited and judging by that crowd there in iowa, it does seem to be working. >> all right. brianna keilar in washington, thank you so much. with debate day tomorrow for the republicans, right now, it's like cramming for a final exam. millions of people across the country will get to see the final answer.
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what plan of action will the candidates use to try to get their point across on stage tomorrow night? i will ask one of the men on that stage, gop contender, next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ whole life is preparation for a debate. >> look at this face. >> i'll be center stage this time, so it will be more difficult for them to ignore me. >> if we're going to step it up and be more aggressive this time. >> damn right i'm going to fight
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back. i hope you would, too. >> he's going nuclear now. >> the candidates there raising the bar all on their way here, the ronald reagan presidential library in beautiful simi valley, california. right now hours away from finding out which republicans can pole vault their way to the top of field. get it pole vault. cnn republican debate 6:00 p.m. eastern, main stage 8:00 p.m. eastern. this is "the lead," i'm john berman, filling in for jake tapper getting ready for the debate. we're all here to break down the practice film and discuss what we can expect from the debate tomorrow night. but first, we want to get a preview from someone who will be on that stage in a shade under 26 hours, republican presidential candidate and senator from e. kentucky, rand paul joins us by phone.
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i suppose you're a longtime listener, first time caller, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so in the last debate, you clashed with donald trump. you were the first in a way to speak up. i want to play a small bit of what you said. >> he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. he's already -- hey, look, look, he's already hedging his bet on the clintons, okay. so if he doesn't run as a republican, maybe he supports clinton or maybe he runs as an independent, but i'd say he's already hedging his bets because he's used to buying politicians. >> i've given you plenty of money. >> so since that happened, since that debate, senator, you have slipped some in the polls. so will you change tactics tomorrow night? >> i think that was a little easy on him. i think he deserves every bit he gets. i would say i will make sure that everybody in the country knows that he's a fake
1:18 pm
conservative, and there's nothing conservative about donald trump other than that he wants the trump brand to be out there, i don't think he has a vision for limited government, balanced budget, low taxes, anything of the things that conservatives have fought for for decades. he's been on the other side of every one of those issues and voters deserve to know that. >> so just to be clear, the problem wasn't that you went after donald trump, you think the problem was you didn't go after him hard enough? >> absolutely. you know, the thing is, not enough people yet know that donald trump is a big believer in using big government to take property from private property owners, small private property owners, and give it to big corporations. often his own big corporations. and there are no conservatives in our party who supported the supreme court decision that allowed this, in fact, this is something that has so motivated the conservative base that whole movements have sprung up to defend private property rights. it's really the foundation or
1:19 pm
the building block for capitalism. and the fact that donald trump has used eminent domain and the bully force of government it take private property that he supports the practice, is a big fan of the kelo decision, i think americans know that when conservatives know that, they're going to run away with their hair on firp they're going to say, goodness, i didn't realize that donald trump was a fake conservative. >> hair's not on fire, at least not yet. you have said -- >> not yet. >> -- with discourse in the campaign, you said the level of discourse in the campaign right now is like junior high. but you know, you've been standing toe to toe with donald trump, you certainly stood toe to toe with chris christie. are you guilty of being a seventh grader here as well? >> i think talking about the issues is absolutely ledgitimat and talked about donald trump being for obamacare, for president obama's government stimulus but i haven't called him ugly. i haven't been calling other candidates ugly. and i think his words,
1:20 pm
particularly with carly fiorina, probably is the end. people are going to finally decide, do we really want someone in charge of our nuclear arsenal who goes around basically using the insults of a junior high or a sophomore in high school? i think really there is a time where viewers say, that's not the kind of person we want to be practicing the diplomacy of the united states. >> you absolutely have not called him ugly. i want to move on to policy right now, because i know you would like to talk about a lot of what's going on in the country right now, more than you want to talk about donald trump. you sent an e-mail around to 100,000 pastors to help defund planned parenthood. you cited videos that show officials discussing what sounds like the sale of fetal tissue. are you willing to shut down government in the middle of a campaign for this issue? >> i think the opposite question ought to be asked. i think congress has an obligation to control the power
1:21 pm
of the purse, it is our obligation and our duty to decide how the money is spent. and really we've been looking at this the wrong way, because people get stuck in washington so long, they say it takes 60 votes to defund something, it's the opposite of the truth. when the money runs out, it should take 60 votes to fund anything and not only planned parenthood but a thousand different items that all have restrictions and have instructions on how the money's spent. every regulation that president obama has passed without congressional authority should be funded or not funded by congress and affirmatively take 60 votes. if the democrats choose to shut down government over any instructions we give the president, then so be it. but it's not republicans or me trying to shut down government. it's me saying that congress should noted abdicate its dutie. we should control the power of the purse. >> senator, last question as you
1:22 pm
head this way for the debate. any special preparation you do, any stretching exercises to get ready for the debate stage? >> i typically will stand on my head for two hours, you know, before the debate. i think with all of the blood rushes to your brain, that's a good idea. all right. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> senator rand paul, glad to have your sense of humor. >> thank you, john. actually i will be out shooting target practice in the morning. i'll be shooting the tax code with friends tomorrow morning and that will be my preparation. >> all right, senator. good luck with the training. good luck with the debate tomorrow night. we look forward to seeing you here. >> thank you. >> all right. some interview. rand paul getting ready to go after donald trump, clearly the panel here, champing at the bit to discuss what we just heard. we'll hear from them after the break.
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ronald reagan so special. ronald reagan helped shape my view of the world. >> ronald reagan, the reagan revolution with american people at his back, stood up to the washington cartel. >> i've evolved on many issues over the years and you know who else has? ronald reagan. >> that's the party i believe in. reagan and bush. >> welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman, live from the ronald reagan library here in scenic simi valley, california. just 25 hours ago. until the cnn republican debate,
1:28 pm
the stakes could not be higher, make or break for a few of the candidates. here to talk about what we can expect republican strategist and commentator s.c. cup, michael smerconish, dan pfeiffer, former senior adviser to president obama. we just talked to senator rand paul from kentucky. i think he gave us a healthy dose of what we can expect. i asked him, he went after donald trump, fell in the polls, will they change tactics, he said, no, i'm going to 0 go after him harder. >> i don't think it benefits him. what if he's successful in landing a blow against donald trump? is rand paul going to be the beneficiary? i think carly fiorina would be the beneficiary. i think ben carson would be the beneficiary. i think he'd be better served punching within his own weight class which is probably more of the establishment candidates. >> talk about establishment versus outsiders. new poll from cbs and "new york times" shows donald trump in front, ben carson rising against him. the striking thing to me is
1:29 pm
where everyone else is, which is nowhere. i mean, the other guys are way, way back. so you see the outsiders, trump and carson, together at 50%. and everyone else just so far down, it just seems when these establishment candidates, when they lose support, they're not going to the other establishment people, s.c., they're going to donald trump, they're going to ben carson. >> yeah. yeah. i think if you're someone, you know, like marco rubio, marco rubio's been keeping his head down. i think he's playing a long game just waiting it out, either someone's going to run out of money, deflate. i think when someone like ben carson gets more scrutiny he might not do as well. i guess they're looking for the ultimate trump gaffe that brings him down. but very aware if you go after trump early and you spend a lot of money early, you might be wasting your capital like rick perry did. i think you either have to really go after him or kind of just wait this out. >> i want to talk about what i
1:30 pm
think is really significant development in the campaign, was the club for growth, spending $1 million in iowa on two commercials, directly going after donald trump. i want to play a small clip of one of the ads right now. >> which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care, and the wall street bailout. it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is. but he has a record. and it's very liberal. he's really just playing us for chumps. trump. just another politician. >> so dan pfeiffer, looking at that what it says to me the club for growth, conservative group, essentially saying i can't count on the rest of you republican candidates to deal with this trump thing right now, we're taking matters in our own hands. >> the first ones in the water to encourage the other republican candidates to do it. i don't think it's an effective ad. everybody knows everything to know about donald trump either
1:31 pm
before the campaign or the present dominance of the media i think you're -- in order to score effective blow against trump, you have to either introduce new information people don't know, or do it in a way that is not your typical political ad. i don't they think -- in a world where donald trump and ben carson are dominating the political field, typical political stuff doesn't work like it used to. >> carly fiorina, she will be a new addition to the main stage. s.e., you have spoken to the fiorina people. what's she planning for tomorrow? >> a couple of things she wants to accomplish. one, her name idea's still pretty low. we know her very well, we've been following her for years but campaign thinks of this as a great opportunity to really introduce her to a lot of people and think when they hear what they see, they'll like. when they see what they'll hear, they'll like. she also wants to kind of ignore the hype. i think expectations are very almost dangerously high for carly fiorina. when you fight to be on the main stage, you better prove that you deserve to be there. they're ignoring that. they say she gets the best
1:32 pm
debate prep, takes questions regularly at campaign events from actual voters and she says, she doesn't study up. she feels very prepared. she's going to be playing a lot of sole tear on her iphone to focus and relax. so i think she's feeling very, very good. >> all right. another person dealing with hype right now is jeb bush. i think the bush people and surrogates raised the bar here. they said you're going to see a more energized, different jeb bush. super pac backing jeb bush. put up the video we don't have to wait for it. spending $24 million on an ad in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, in support of jeb bush. michael smerconish, how much does he need to do here tomorrow night? people right to indicate it's all going to be din for jeb? >> i agree saying marco rubio is probably playing a long ball game, going wait this thing out because surely it can't last. there are a lot of us of that opinion who thus far have been proven wrong. i feel differently about jeb i'm think the expectations were high
1:33 pm
for jeb. the poll numbers have been in decline. that latest survey that came out today that shows him now tied with governor huckabee, marco rubio, they need to convince their money donors that they made a wise investmenter or that spigot can begin to be turned off. >> he can't wait. >> when you have that big war chest you have to justify it every day. >> dan, s.e., michael smerconish, appreciate it. do not miss the republican presidential debate tomorrow right here on cnn. jake tapper is your moderator, coverage 6:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be on air all night. you can hear the debate across the country on the salem radio network. to find it in our area, today's world lead, what is russia really up to? its military now in syria. is it a strategy to fight isis or a ploy to help prop up syria's dictator? the pentagon now weighing in with its observations.
1:34 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in simi valley, california, filling in for jake tapper making last minute preparations for the debate. moscow, flexing its military muscle. new satellite photos reveal that russia is increasing its true presence in syria and building what appears to be a forward operating base in the western part of that country. all of this, raising concern that russian president putin is doing whatever he can to prop up the assad regime in its desperate attempt to stay in power. let's get right to cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon. what's the reaction from the military officials you've been speaking with? >> reporter: this is a military move by the russians but the pentagon defense secretary ash carter making the decision to
1:39 pm
really publicly sit this one out. they are deferring to the state department and there are plenty of people there that are very concerned. russian president putin now openly defiant in sending russian weapons and troops into syria to prop up president bashir al assad. >> we have provided and will provide all of the necessary military and technical support. >> we are going to be engaging russia to let them know that you can't continue to double down on a strategy that's doomed to fail tur. >> reporter: the u.s. looking for a way to stop a soviet-style intervention by putin. >> what we would prefer to see from the russian is a more constructive engagement with 60-member coalition led by the u.s. that's focused on degrading and destroying isil. >> reporter: more than a dozen flights of large russian transport planes have flown from southern russia across iran and iraq into syria carrying half a
1:40 pm
dozen tanks, large artillery pieces and some three dozen armored personnel carriers as well as some equipment for up to 1500 troops. it's all going here to a coastal airfield where commercial satellite imagery has captured airfield construction and improvements. the pentagon believes all of this will become a russian operating base. secretary of state john kerry talking again today to russian foreign minister lavrov, no indication the russians are changing they'ir minds. a new, grim assessment from the head of u.s. military intelligence suggesting both iraq and syria may be gone as countries the world once knew. >> i could see it, time in the future, syria's fractured into probably two or three parts. again, not the ideal because that comes with some unknowns.
1:41 pm
that's going to be a tough one to put back together long term. >> reporter: now the pentagon may not able to stay quiet much longer. tomorrow general lloyd austin, head of central command, guy in charge of running this war scheduled to testify before the senate armed services committee. of course, republican-led. all about the progress in the war and about the russian involvement. one u.s. military official telling me, a short time ago, expect to see fireworks. john? >> barbara starr for us at the pentagon. thank you so much. joining me now, cnn national security commentator mike rogers, former republican chairman of the house intelligent committee. what's putin doing here? >> several things. there's a warm water port in syria he's long wanted to maintain and his lease is up in ten years. this is his way in keeping that warm water port. think about this.
1:42 pm
after the nuclear deal, with iran, heading the quds force, cia special forces, goes to moscow thereafter you see this healthy ramp-up. this is clearly coordinated with tehran to make sure that assad, who they both support, iran and russia, staying in power, at least for some interim period. so this is a foreign policy effort on behalf of vladimir put than certainly isn't in align with u.s. interests or anyone else ms intere else's interests. >> we've seen pilots being more aggressive. they've also brought in not in addition to 1500 troops, and heavy armament they'll provide to assad's troops and they'll probably provide command and control logistic support, intelligence support. we've seen an aggressive posture in the new -- some of the new fighters they've provided. mainly because the syrian pilots aren't there yet. i think that you'd see probably some russian involvement in aircraft strikes in syria, is
1:43 pm
not impossible. >> start our focus what's going on all around us now at the republican library. the cnn debate is tomorrow night. what do you want to hear from the candidates on that stage tomorrow? >> well, listen, i think they all have something a little different to prove. you don't want to turn it into a clown show than would be bad for the republican brand, certainly bad for candidates themselves. they have to stand up make some points where they are on things like national security. you know one of the biggest issues the next commander in chief is going to face is how do you deal with russia that's pushing its boundaries, how do you deal with china pushing its boundaries? cyberattacks? that next commander in chief is going to have to deal with it. i think americans want to see someone who can encourage allies and push back on oured av adveis in a way that shows strength but not reaction area. that's an important line to walk. >> bill clinton, george w. bush, barack obama, last three presidents came to office
1:44 pm
without any real national security experience, so to speak. any of the candidates who will be here tomorrow night do they have experience that you think lends itself well to dealing with the problems around the world right now? >> i think a host of them do. the republican party this year has a strong bench of candidates, some have more experience, more engaged, and have performed better, i think, on the campaign trail about talking about some of the difficulties in dealing with really hard problems. you know, the reaction area lines are, i'll do nothing or send in 101st airborne division. the truth of the matter is it's always in the middle to try to do that. there's a bunch of tools in your tool kit to use. these candidates can show they can reassert american leadership and push back onne adversariead. there's a lot of candidates that can do that. >> mike rogers, appreciate it. coming up for us next, let's me see, next in the national league, gone in seconds.
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper, live from simi valley, california. the site of tomorrow's cnn debate. turning now to our national lead. flames erupting across california after years of drought have turned this state into a tinder box. some of most devastating damage coming from the valley fire, swallowing nearly 600 homes with 9,000 more threatened. that fire has grown to almost 70,000 acres. firefighters are gaining ground but slow going. only 15% of the fire has been contained. we have learned the wildfire's claimed the life of a 72-year-old woman, officials said she had multiple sclerosis and couldn't make it out of her home in time. to the border between utah and arizona arpz devastation of a different kind. heavy rains led to flash floods in this small community that straddles the border.
1:50 pm
>> you can hear screams, residents caught off guard by the fast moving floodwaters that washed away cars with everything inside of them. right to cnn's kyung lah in colorado city. >> reporter: john, dangerous conditions that this community has seen continuing today. the flash flood warnings still in effect overnight. a desperate search for people who have been washed away during the flash floods. some 17 people had been washed away, some uncovered, many found not alive. these were women and children who had been suddenly swept away by flash floods. people came out using shovels, trying to dig through the muck. heavy machinery brought in to try to lift some of the heavy debris that was found down river. cars were found completely banged up and buried in the dirt. now what we all are seeing at
1:51 pm
this particular location, cleanup crews you see the effort here by heavy machines try to clear away some of the muck. this water that you're seeing, that united states a river that existed but a roadway used to be above it and that roadway is now gone. you can see all the muck above it from the flash flood. and then this very, very sad sign. these are community members, family members who are just staring, waiting and hoping for some word. and all of them keeping their eyes on the sky hoping that there will be better news on the weather front soon. john? >> kyung lah on the border between utah and arizona. here at reagan library, joined by wolf blitzer who has made it out to california. you're about to do situation room here. advisers for ben carson and ted cruz. >> dr. ben carson, he's doing amazingly well right now when you think about where he was
1:52 pm
only a few months ago, he's number two behind donald trump, especially in the states where these polls show he has really caught on. so we're going to get into a strategy, will he be low key in the debate tomorrow night or go after trump? there's been a bit of an exchange as we all know, we'll go through some of than ted cruz, he's got issues, he's not gone after donald trump at all. >> no. >> they were together at the rally in washington the other day against the iran nuclear deal. they were hugging, it was a joint rally two co-stars of that production. we'll see what's going on. i want to get into some of their strategy, we'll see how much they're willing to share. >> how long is ted cruz willing to be nice to donald trump if they're going after the same anti-establishment voters? >> he's been really nice to him so far. donald trump has been very, very consistent. he doesn't go after these other republican presidential candidates unless they go after him. they say something negative about him, he bounces right back and hits them much, much harder. so i suspect tomorrow night he's going to wait. he's going to be in the room,
1:53 pm
you and i were there, he's going to see what's going on. if somebody goes after him, whether it's a marco rubio or somebody, i don't think it will be necessarily marco rubio, but if it's someone who goes after him, he'll bounce right back. >> i bet we'll see pouncing. coming up for us, not just candidates it is their fans. see how the superfans are showing their candidate loyalty. technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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1:58 pm
>> welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman, in for jake tapper live at reagan library in simi valley, california. almost to the 24-hour mark until cnn's debate gets under way right here. maybe some of you haven't decided which candidate you will be backing. others, well, they back their candidate like i back one direction. >> reporter: what candidate doesn't love a serving of rhythmic chanting? >> hillary. hillary. >> reporter: but the sweetest sight on a candidate's campaign trail -- >> i am wearing trump. i have my trump purse. >> reporter: a voter wearing her support on her sleeve. or wherever. >> you cannot show up at a donald trump rally and not make a statement. >> reporter: super supporters spreading the word as best they can.
1:59 pm
>> i guess i'm kind of a standard poster girl for bernie sanders. >> reporter: this poster maker says bernie sanders is her patronis. >> a positive force, wisdom, it works like a shield. >> reporter: who need a she'll when you campaign cardboard, oversized, life size, always agreeable and easy to pose with. >> he's going to fix everything. i swear. >> reporter: enthusiasm isn't just for adults. this tiny trump fan was infatuated before the fifth grade. >> the feeling of meeting your idol, you can't just replace it. you can't -- you can't go around it. >> politician moment. >> reporter: kissing? it's not just for babies anymore. as chris christie learned, affectionately, very affectionately. if you're not into smooching stick with stickers like this supporter. at least she will be able to change her mind. unlike this guy who claim on twitter to have won a jeb bush
2:00 pm
neck tattoo in an online bet. exclamation point needed. so tomorrow's republican presidential debate begins here on cnn at 6:00 p.m. that is all for "the lead." i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now -- battle lines, as the gop candidates get ready for their next cnn debate. only 25 hours from now, donald trump is about to board a battle ship. he'll fire some salvos on national security and foreign policy. but will he expose his weak spot and open himself up to counterattacks? >> carson's surge, the former surgeon general dr. ben carson quietly catching up to the billionaire. the latest national poll shows them just four points apart. but that really means they're neck and neck. and bush and blitz, like all of the rest of the mainstream


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